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Mark Davies Images Collection

The 3 images in this collection have been selected from my ‘Tube Lines’ project – an evolution of the commuting stuff I’ve been doing for some time. Here, each of the images was created using a combination of an iPhone, Rebelle Pro and Photoshop in London Underground tube line colours. Check out the individual images below for more detail.

The images are available as part of a special offer from Mark Davies Images for the next few weeks only; they are printed on 5×7″ (13x18cm) premium 324gsm Mohawk card with artist name/image title subtly printed bottom left/right of the card. Additionally there is message and address space on the reverse of the card if you want to send it to someone else!

And as I mention elsewhere on this page, if something on my website Mark Davies Images or Instagram (@markdaviesimages) grabs your interest, let me know using the request form at the bottom of this page or click here to go to the form.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Tube Lines - Stained Glass Window #7

A typical London ‘You are here’ map was captured and worked on in Rebelle Pro and Photoshop. The black of the Northern Line was used for the ‘window’ leading, the blues of the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines for the River Thames and every other colour of a London tube line map for the remaining ‘window’ panes.

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Tube Lines - Circle Line #1

Captured in a carriage somewhere between Baker Street and Euston Square using a combination of Rebelle Pro and Photoshop, the commuters have been sketched in the black of the Northern Line and painted in the yellow of the Circle Line, the pink of the Hammersmith & City Line and the rest of London’s tube line colours.

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Tube Lines - Baker Street #2

Captured on Baker Street tube station, from platform 3 across to platform 2. Using a combination of Rebelle Pro and Photoshop, the commuters have been sketched in the black of the Northern Line and painted in the brown of the Bakerloo Line, the red of the Central Line and the rest of London’s tube line colours.

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Tube Lines - Stained Glass Window #7 +
Tube Lines - Circle Line #1 +
Tube Lines - Baker Street #2


Customer comments

"I've used Mark Davies Images for birthday and Xmas cards - so much more original than the usual stuff! Last Xmas I commissioned him to create an image based on a part of my home town: friends and family loved it and I'll be doing the same this year. I've also had several of his images reproduced on mugs as gifts for friends. Plus his 'New York Choir #6' (one of his images here -> on a large canvas at the top of my stairs that brightens up my mornings!
St Albans, England
"I've had Mark's work reproduced on a variety of different media - art prints, canvas, board. Just received one of his 'stained glass window' images as a poster hanger: its's such a dynamic image so perfect for my home gym!"
Highly recommend!
Vancouver, Canada
"I've been renovating my apartment and used Mark's images in a couple of areas: large framed prints of his 'Journeys' work ( in the entrance hallway and a special commission for my kitchen. Both look so cool and visitors are very impressed!"
Frankfurt, Germany
"Got Mark's 'Chicago Cityscape at Sunset' (part of '') on a coffee mug. I love the way he uses shapes and colours in his digital art. The mug looks great on my desk and very appropriate as Chicago's my home!"
Chicago, US

Mark Davies Images

markdaviesimages self-portrait

As a self-taught artist I’ve worked with a variety of film and digital cameras, experimenting with standard photographic techniques like composition, perspective, exposure and shutter speed to record images.

I decided to move to a more abstracted form of image creation and my daily commute to and from London seemed like a perfect opportunity to put this into practice. I started using an iPhone to capture commuters going to or from wherever, sitting or standing on a train trying to ignore each other by hiding behind a phone, book or newspaper. This became my ‘Phone Art’ project, with the intention of creating art quickly by capturing an image and modifying it using various smartphone apps to transform it by extracting and abstracting.

With more recent work, I’ve continued to use an iPhone as my primary source of image capture but use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for cataloguing and manipulating images and Escape Motion’s Rebelle 6 Pro for sketching and painting.

In an attempt to keep my work fresh, original and unique, I’m always looking out for something new to potentially inform my art and give it a new direction. Aside from my immediate environment, I get inspiration scouring the web, using Google Arts & Culture, virtually wandering around MOMA in New York or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, for example. Or physically wandering around the National Gallery, the Tate Modern or Tate Britain in London. It’s always a joy to come across a work of art I’ve not seen before, or seeing an element or aspect in a work of art that’s previously gone unnoticed.

I hope my passion for art, and commitment to innovation and originality, informs my artistic style.

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If you’re a non-UK resident, or have seen something on my website – Mark Davies Images’ or Instagram that catches your eye, drop me a line here.

And if you’d like any of my images printed on different media – poster hangers, art papers, canvas, mugs, for example – let me know.